Churchill's Pub and Grille

Draft list last updated on Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Happy 21st Stone Brewing! #Stone21

Artifex ArtifEXIT

Artifex Blitzkrieg IIIPA

Artifex Maybe Hazy

Artifex Mosaic Happy (P)

Artifex Optimal Zone (P)

Artifex Rye-Delicious

Artifex Trigger Finger (P)

Artifex What is Legal? (CASK)

Beachwood/Pizza Port Hop Ramen (P)

Bear Republic Churchill's X (P)

Green Flash Palate Wrecker

Kern River Just Outstanding (P)

Kern River River Buddy (P)

Knee Deep Fish On! (P)

Maine Beer Co. Mo

Modern Times Ninety Isles (P)

Russian River Pliny the Elder

Societe The Pupil

Stone Ghost Hammer (P)

Stone Ripper (P)

Stone Tangerine Express (P)

Alesmith Nut Brown (P)

Artifex Bog Trotter

Burgeon Dutchman's Pipe

Chapman Schilling For Sterling (P)

El Segundo Station No. 1 Red (P)

Epic Big Bad Baptist

Founders Curmudgeon

Great Divide Velvet Yeti (NITRO)

Guinness (NITRO)

Pizza Port Ocean Beach Gimme Samoa (P)

Pizza Port San Clemente Nerf Herder (P)

Stone 12th Anniversary

Bockor Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge

Modern Times Fruitlands

St.Louis Framboise

Artifex Show Me Your Roots (P)

Artifex Unicorn Juice

Avery White Rascal (P)

Deschutes Jubelale (NITRO)

Lost Abbey Avant Garde (P)

Magners (P)

Maui Liquid Breadfruit

Mother Earth Cali Creamin (P)

Newtopia Belgian Pineapple

Pizza Port Berry Manilow (CASK)

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis (P)

Societe The Damsel (P)

Societe The Exciseman (P)

Stone Wussie Pils (P)